The Golden Globes

Awards season is where the film geek and the fashionista meet, have a brief but glorious fling, and then part ways for the rest of the year. This year saw a few trends, some of which were more predictable than others. There are numerous fashion sites across the internet which will gladly provide you photos of your most cherished celebs, so for this post we’ll just focus on highlighting some of the trends & how you might like to improvise on them with the help of a Zeleb gown or two.

And it was all yellow

Yellow wins the ‘Most Daring Colour’ award this year. From Paula Patton’s eyeball-searing mermaid dress to Maria Menonous’ clingy gown (which also garnered the ‘Most Requiring of Spanx’), yellow dresses were cropping up all over the place. This sadly neglected primary colour was taking back the stage for sure – although not always with celebs whose skin tones are suited best by it.

If you’re well suited to yellow and have the guts to wear it (especially needed in winter!) here are few styles you might want to consider.

Au natural

‘Most Ubiquitous Colour’ goes to the many nude/blush coloured dresses which continue to populate this year’s red carpets. Unfortunately, some looked rather more like faded washing than va-va-voom (or even arty-weird) gowns. We wonder whether or not stylists get together before awards season and plan trends like this one (and how on earth the celebs let them get away with it).

Thank heavens, nude-coloured gowns can be done tastefully. E.g.:

The popular kids

Angelina Jolie’s gown, a.k.a. ‘Most Likely to be Worn by a Flight Attendant’ has fashion critics divided, though no one can argue over her poise and general show-stealing ability. If you’re looking for something as smoothed down and classically chic (sans the accent collar), why not try:

Let your hair down

Reese Witherspoon’s relaxed tresses accompanied by her form-fitting, blood red gown had tongues a-wagging, indeed. We toyed with awarding her ‘Most Sexy’ or ‘Most Curvaceous’ but settled with giving her ‘Most Likely to get Attacked by a Vampire Afterwards.’

We couldn’t help but draw comparisons between a few Zeleb gowns.

What’s in a name?

Really, Octavia Spencer. Could she be anything else but an actress? Well, of course she could, but would she want to be? (See The Help if you think otherwise.) Octavia’s lavender gown was perfect, her hair was perfect, her jewellery was understated and perfect…so we’ve given her the ‘Most Likely to be Envied by all Women No Matter What their Dress Size’ award. (She was also a strong contender for ‘Best Humorous Comment’ for starting off by saying “I’m not sleeping with Brad Pitt.”)

A few dress choices after her jewelled, gathered light purple gown:

A Little Bling

Nicole Kidman wore a studded bandage-y looking dress that we’ve decided to award ‘Most Likely to Have Been Inspired by Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.’ But she does it so well!

In honour of her, a few dresses that are positively ‘shiny.’

And that’s a wrap

Thanks for sticking with our fashion critique and shameless self-promoting. Keep your eyes posted for part 2 of our awards section in which we’ll dole out even more mock awards. ‘Tis the season!

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