Lucy Pargeter Celebrating Emmerdale’s 40th Birthday

Happy 40th birthday Emmerdale! Lucy Pargeter can be seen here wearing ZELEB in The Sun TV magazine photoshoot.

The Emmerdale Cast celebrating the soaps 40th Birthday

The Emmerdale Cast celebrating the soaps 40th Birthday

Lucy Pargeter Wearing ZELEB

Lucy Pargeter Wearing ZELEB

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Jessica Knowles & Nick Knowles Wedding

Jessica Wearing ZELEB

Jessica Knowles featured on Hello Magazine Edition 1244, wearing ZELEB dress 0914.

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Slimming World, oct 2012 issue

Charlotte wearing ZELEB on Slimming World, October 2012 edition.

Dress 0735

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Win a beautiful dress for a makeover and photoshoot experience!

In celebration of Summer we are happy to announce that Zeleb is offering one of our devoted fans the chance to win one of our exquisite dresses. Furthermore, not only will this dress be yours to keep, Zeleb will also organise for the winner to take part in a makeover and photoshoot experience for you to cherish professional photographs by a wedding photographer from Stamford CT in your new gown.

Vintage Style Tulle Dress 0726ST

You too could look gorgeous in this stunning dress, and walk away with it as your own!

To take part in this fantastic competition, simply ‘like’ this page and Google +1 us, by clicking on the icons immediately below.

By doing simply this, you will instantly be in for a chance to win this great prize, as well as being kept up to date with all of Zeleb’s latest news and offers! The winner will be selected at random and the competition will run throughout June, with the winner announced on the 1st July 2012.

The fortunate individual, lucky enough to win this prize, will be able to choose one of Zeleb’s dresses worth up to £300 in our standard UK sizes, 6 – 18. The winner can either choose their perfect dress online, or come to our London showroom to try the beautiful selection of dresses that are available. Once you have picked your ‘prize’ dress, we will organise for you to have your special photoshoot, on a day that best suits you.

Zeleb will be working in conjunction with a professional photography studio* who specialise in days such as these. They will be happy to style your hair and professionally complete your make up before you slip into your winning Zeleb dress for your ‘photo shoot’. A professional photographer will be there to ensure the photographs from your special day will be ones to cherish the special memories. We will also be publishing our own editorial about your experience, with photos** and your own personal comments on your prize experience, onto the Zeleb website and also our blog!

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to enjoy, giving the winner the chance to feel like a true ‘celebrity’. Be sure to share this competition with all your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, so they too can be in for a chance to win this fantastic prize! Make sure you’re entrance is completed by 30th June, so you don’t miss out! We look forward to meeting the winner and planning this special experience with you.

* ZELEB will select a photography studio for the winner. If the winner is not in the UK, then only the dress will be offered as a prize.
**Your photos will not be published without your agreement.
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As the olympic torch makes it’s final journey to London, there is anticipation in the Zeleb offices too! We will be launching a fantastic opportunity for all our devoted fans, stay tuned with our blog, twitter and facebook to find out more, as soon as more details are released!

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“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.” – Coco Chanel… No dress for the Prom yet?

Do the words ‘Prom’ or ‘Leaver’s Ball’ create a certain sense of dread? Is it because you still haven’t found the perfect dress and that all important date is quickly catching up on you? Do you break out into cold sweats every time your friend’s mention their “Empire line, baby pink, simple but elegant” gown, knowing that you are still ‘dress-less’? If so, I’m guessing you are reading this blog nodding your head after failing, yet again, to find a dress online?

So whilst you’re ticket has been bought, your transportation has been hired and you’ve even been ‘eyeing-up’ a gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger heels, THE most important component is still missing. You may have avoided the shops in a bid to put off the difficult decision; or maybe you have traipsed up and down Oxford Street, agonised over the endless choice on the internet and finally submitted and visited your mum’s ‘Dress shop’ (in a last failed bid to find something ‘special’). Whether your dress hunting has been overzealous, or somewhat non-existent, the issue remains unsolved.

Furthermore, whilst it may seem as if you are the only one in the history of the ‘Prom’ to leave ‘The Dress’ until the last minute, in reality there are many other girls with the same predicament. Strangely enough, I’m sure if we all fretted about our exams as much as we worry about how we will look on ‘Prom night’, we’d all be A* students. Yet revising to the best of our ability should be our only concern when leaving school. The Prom is considered tp be a means of celebration, it was not invented to hinder these important days leading up to the BIG exams. Don’t let this be your excuse for you not focussing hard! On the other hand, at Zeleb, we know understand the importance of finding the right dress and thus wish to alleviate any of your unnecessary stress.

At Zeleb we hear many horror stories concerning young ladies, who buy their dresses online, from untrustworthy and illegitimate websites. They have been left waiting, until their special day, for their purchase to arrive, when eventually it is never delivered. Whilst purchasing anything offline can be risky, Zeleb has a long standing international reputation when it comes to delivering, on time and satisfactory gowns. Of course this method of buying is only applicable if you have just over two weeks before the important day. Standard dress sizes will be dispatched to you within this time and we can guarantee that the perfect dress will be yours once those two weeks have passed. Although, if you are fortunate enough to pick a dress available in your size, in Zeleb’s showroom, we can offer a next day delivery service (please enquire within for more information on what is available).

An alternative to buying online is visiting Zeleb in our London based showroom and taking a dress away with you on the day. Again this does depend on the availability of your chosen design, in your size, but we do have a wide range of styles and sizes for you to choose from. Whilst shopping online is convenient and allows you to research countless brands within the comfort of your own home, trying on a dress before you make the decision is the ultimate test as to whether it is the right one for you – I’m sure you’ve heard similar advice from your parents – they are, with this one anyway, right!

So, whilst it may have taken you 3 months to pluck up the courage and begin your search, 5 minutes to read this blog, it will only take you 2 minutes to book an appointment with Zeleb’s London showroom and at once stop worrying. We have experienced assistants in store who are willing to offer honest and constructive opinions, as well as help in finding the right dress for you. You may have put off dress shopping until now, but at this point, you really have ‘procrastinated’ for too long, avoid further disappointment by popping by or looking online at our website now. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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Slimming World Cover April 2012


ZELEB Dress 0922ST

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Virgin Media Competition

Win a ZELEB red carpet dress with the Virgin Media competiton now!

Win a ZELEB Red Carpet Dress with Virgin Media

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Amy Childs at the National Television Awards

Amy Childs at National Television Awards 2012

Amy Childs at the National Television Awards 2012, wearing our mermaid lace dress

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More celebrity mock awards!

Happy Friday, all. To celebrate the week’s end, we bring you more mock awards. Having fun yet?

As promised, here are the Other Golden Globes, awarded by yours truly, a snarky Zeleb blogger.

Lea Michele of ‘Glee’ fame took to the red carpet in a daring Marchesa gown. Unlike Rachel McAdams’ 2011 Marchesa look, this one was sufficiently…drafty enough to solidly land Lea the Most Likely to Show Something She’d Rather Not award.

Feast your eyes out, Gleeks

Lady Madonna wore a puzzling Reem Acra gown – don’t those green squares remind you of a puzzle that’s not quite finished? Maybe one of those 5000 piece ones that is ALL THE SAME COLOUR? Maybe not. At any rate, her breathtakingly tight and strangely also voluminous gown wins her the Most Egregiously Clashing award.

Help! I'm being fangoriously devoured by a satinous monster!

Sara Michelle Gellar looks as if she is oddly transcending a couple decades in her red carpet get-up with a high ponytail straight out of the late naughties (best name for the first decade of any century, IMHO) and a flouncy dip-dye that seems to be directly inspired by her early years on Buffy (it began in ’97, and oh, didn’t the 90s love tie dye). She therefore wins the Dress that has Clearly Time Travelled Award.

(cue Tardis noise)

Amanda Peet’s white tiered-lace gown was designed by Marc Jacobs. All layer-cake jokes aside, I’d really like to believe that this looked much better on her in person than it does in photos. She wins Dress Most Likely to be Upcycled into Curtains.

Lawd-a-mercy, Miss Scarlet, you made a dress out of curtains, we make curtains out of dresses!

Claire Danes’ deceptively modest dress-front was given the lie by the cut-out back…in a good way! J. Mendel should be proud; she was successfully bridging the sexy/classy chasm. Zeleb confers upon her the Channelling Pippa Middleton’s Derriere award.

Also I really hope it was warm in there. Backless dresses in January = ambitious.

Kelly Osbourne’s fashion choices are always irresistible matters of discussion, and her blue Zac Posen mermaid gown (& attempted matching coiffure) was no different. Just look at those shoulders, though! Let’s be glad Kelly didn’t get bored/tired enough to fall asleep whilst wearing this dress – she might have poked her eye out. Shoulders alone win her the Inspired by a Fairy Tale Villain award.

Come, let me impale you with my pointy shoulderpads!

Face it. Debra Messing is a red-headed goddess. But sometimes even red-headed goddesses have issues with their colour schemes. She looked overwhelmed by a chocolate-coloured dress and nude lipstick. Can’t help but wonder – what if her hair had been brown and her dress red? (Bring on the Photoshop.) At the very least, she wins the Your Lipstick Can’t Stand up to Your Dress award.

I'm drowning in a vat of fondue!

Dear Gucci Premiere gown worn by Evan Rachel Wood,

Both fish and birds belong to the phylum Chordata. You appear to have designed the dress that wins the award for Open And Affirming to all Chordates. But don’t worry. That is better than the Comes with a Seashell Bra award (don’t go there).

Yours truly

A puzzled biologist

Hybridization to the max, yo.

Okay, okay, Mila Kunis’ black Dior dress obviously has a nude layer under the black. But she still wins the Definitely Thought that Was Skin, not Fabric award. It’s up to you whether that was a good thing or a bad thing!


And finally, to end on a high note: Laura Dern! Of course you have done many, many things since Jurassic Park. But that will always be your defining role for me. Your classic, long-sleeved, v-necked and belted Andrew Gn awesomeness is what this whole red carpet thing really is about. Your award will be called: Shimmer!

Jurassic Park meets Twilight: the Tyrannosaurus Rexes SPARKLE.

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